With a frozen heart and a soul on fire ♥
This morning I was waiting on this talkative, nice guy who was just buying a coffee for himself. Then he turned to an older woman who was wearing scrubs behind him. He tells me to ring up her coffee and says to her; “Hello, ma’am, your coffee is paid for. I make it a point to buy one stranger coffee everyday and today is your lucky day.” He then explained; “I decided to do this everyday until someone did the same for me, a stranger. Then one day while I was driving to the beach, I left my money in the car while buying coffee. By the time I got back in the store, the cashier told me that a man had already paid for my coffee. I could have stopped then, but then realizing how good it made me feel that there are still people out there who practice kindness, I decided to keep going. That was 3 years ago.” My faith in humanity = restored.
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